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Executive Education

The Food Industry Management Program provides outstanding executive education opportunities for managers and executives in the food industry. Our portfolio of open enrollment and customized content offers levels of training for individuals or companies, on our campus or yours.

Cornell Food Executive Program, July 9-July 14, 2023

The Cornell Food Executive Program is our premier program and prepares rising executives for senior-level responsibilities. Among its alumni are CEOs and presidents of food retailers and CPG companies. Please contact us for more information: 

Customized Programs

We also provide programs customized for specific industry partners. The following are programs we offer annually that are designed for specific industries.

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Martha Hilton, VP of Produce at Wegmans, speaking at the executive programInternational Fresh Produce Association, March 26-31, 2023

Presented in partnership with International Fresh Produce Association and Cornell University.  If you are in or under consideration for a leadership position, involved in your company’s strategic planning and execution or have a desire to lead the fresh produce industry, attending this course is one of the best decisions you can make.

National Grocers Association Executive Leadership Program,  June 4-6, 2023

The NGA Foundation Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is designed to develop and prepare leaders to face business challenges in the 21st century marketplace. Implementing organizational and cultural changes in order to execute new strategies are imperative skills for effective leaders  in the dynamic and ever changing independent food industry.

National Association of Convenience Stores Executive Leadership Program,
July 30-August 3, 2023

The NACS Executive Leadership Program at Cornell University gives participants the leadership skills needed to successfully respond to the challenges of a competitive marketplace, supplementing experience with formalized instruction on skills needed to drive long-term organizational performance.

Cornell University Retail Management Program

In partnership with The National Supermarkets Association of Japan, this 3-day immersive program targets executives from independent supermarkets and provides leadership development seminars and evaluations administered with the NSAJ and Dyson Faculty.

Foundational Excellence; The Cornell University Future-Leaders-In-Produce

We invite you to join us for this one day overview and educational immersion into the structure and operations of the produce industry. Topics include food system economics, product and information flows, consumer and competitive trends and other critical industry issues.