Farm Management Decision Aids

Below are links to a variety of spreadsheet-based financial decision tools. The anaerobic digestion tools were created by Dr. Brent Gloy and the others were created by Eddy LaDue, Emeritus W.I. Myers Professor of Agricultural Finance. These tools are available for download. Documentation and instructions for using the tools is contained in the files.

LEAP – Lease Analysis Program

An Excel spreadsheet for the economic analysis of capital leases. Version 2.1 can handle different values in each year for tax rates, interest rates and the opportunity cost of capital.

Download the LEAP spreadsheet (version 1)
Download the LEAP spreadsheet (version 2.1)
Download the LEAP instructions for the worksheet (version 1)

FISA – A complete set of financial statements for agriculture

An Excel 5.0 file designed for calculating financial statements for agriculture consistent with the recommendations of the Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC).
Download the FISA-A spreadsheet
Download FISA-A instructions for the program

CashPro – Annual cash flow projection

An Excel 5.0 file to calculate annual cash flow projections
Download the CashPro spreadsheet
Download Cash Pro instructions for the program

MoCash – Monthly cash flow projection

An Excel 5.0 file to calculate monthly cash flow projections
Download the MoCash spreadsheet
Download MosCash spreadsheet 405
Download MoCash instructions for the program

Analyzing Replacement Equipment Purchases

An Excel file for “Analyzing Replacement Equipment Purchases (AREP)”
Download the AREP spreadsheet
Download the AREP guide

BTLEASE – Before tax lease program

An Excel Spreadsheet to Calculate the Before Tax Implicit Rate of Interest on a Lease
Download the BTLEASE spreadsheet