Extension Bulletins: 1923-1939

Extension bulletins published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management are publications intended for practitioners and decision-makers. They may discuss results of applied research or provide information from a scholarly perspective.

Most recent extension bulletins are provided free of charge in pdf format (linked from the publication number). If not, copies can be ordered from the Dyson School for a minimal charge.


No. Title Author
39-282 Factors from Farm Cost Accounts, 75 Farms, 1938 Williamson, Black


No. Title Author
38-231 Factors from Cost Accounts, 82 Farms, 1937 Williamson, Hangas, Ferguson, Russell


No. Title Author
37-192 Costs of Producing Canning Factory Tomatoes
37-193 Some Results of Cost Accounts on New York Farms, 1936 Williamson, Henderson, Conklin
37-871 Costs and Returns on 82 New York Farms, 1936 Williamson, Henderson, Conklin


No. Title Author
36-132 Costs and Returns on Wayne County Celery, 1933-35 Hurd
36-148 Labor Requirements of Potatoes Grown on New York Cost-Account Farms, 1914-1935 Bennett
36-1061 Costs and Returns on 95 New York Farms, 1935 Williamson, Hertel, Hughes, Henderson, Cake


No. Title Author
35-85 Long Island Vegetable Growers at Hampstead, N.Y. Williamson
35-86 Vegetable Farms in Rochester Area, Monroe County, N.Y., Crop Year 1933 Brumley
35-87 Long Island Potato Growers Bond
35-88 Canning Factory Tomatoes Curtiss, Raymond
35-9518 Costs and Returns on 93 New York Farms, 1934 Williamson, Hertel, Hughes, Efferson, Hedlund


No. Title Author
34-53 Canning Factory Tomatoes, Economic Data on Costs and Production Scoville
34-61 New York Grapes, Economic Data on Production, Prices, Varieties and Costs Scoville
34-62 The Costs and Returns from Wayne County Celery, 1933 Russell
34-64 Cost of Operating Farm and Milk Trucks
34-65 Report on the Cost of Growing and Harvesting Cabbage in 1933 Russell
34-66 Report on the Cost of Growing and Harvesting Potatoes in 1933 Russell
34-303 Results of Farm Cost Accounts 1933 with Comparisons Findlen, Hertel, Robinson


No. Title Author
33-h300 Results of Farm Cost Accounts, 1932 Harriott, Cruikshank, Gauss
33-34 Seed Potatoes Underwood
33-554 Cost Accounts on New York Farms Harriott, Vaughan
33-565 Costs and Returns in Producing Apples in the Newfane-Olcott Area, Niagara County, New York, 1926-28 LaMont


No. Title Author
32-a Results of Cost Accounts on New York Farms, 1931 Harriott
32-b Complete Set of Farm Cost Accounts for a New York Farm, 1931 Harriott
32-14 Economics of Potato Production in Western New York Garman


No. Title Author
31-1512 Results of Cost Accounts on Vegetable Crops, Hay and Corn Silage, Grain Crops, Fruit Crops, Livestock, 1927-30 Harriott, Vaughan


No. Title Author
30-102 Some Results of Cost Accounts on New York Farms Harriott


No extension bulletins are currently available for 1924-29


No. Title Author
23-414 Cost Accounts for Six Years on Some Successful New York Farms Warren, Hart, Myers, Gillett, Noble, et al.