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Noteworthy: Parth Detroja ’17 on landing a job in tech



Landing a job at tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft is extremely difficult and may seem out of reach for those with zero coding experience. Dyson School grad Parth Detroja ’17, though, got a job at Facebook right out of college without knowing how to code and says a new book he co-authored, Swipe to Unlock: The Non-Coder’s Guide to Technology and the Business Strategy Behind It, can help others do it, too. In a recent article, Detroja spoke to Business Insider about his book and discussed the strategy he used to get hired at Facebook as a product manager.

Key Takeaways from Parth Detroja in Business Insider:

Detroja leveraged the experience he gained during marketing internships.

Detroja had marketing internships during his freshman and sophomore years at IBM and a firm with strong ties to the tech industry and a product management internship at Microsoft—another marketing position—in his junior year.

At his internships, he developed a high-level understanding of how the tech industry works.

“I don’t think you need to know how to code to work in tech, however it is extremely difficult to get offers without having a high-level understanding of how everyday tech— think Spotify, Snapchat, Apple Pay—works under the hood. I think my high-level understanding of tech really helped me in my interviews at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, et cetera.”

His best advice for breaking into tech without much coding experience is to learn all you can about the business.

“If you are applying for a non-software engineering role at Google, you most likely won’t be asked to explain how Google’s ad targeting algorithm works. But they might ask you how you could increase ad revenue from a particular market segment. If you know how Google’s ad platform works, you’ll be in a far stronger position to come up with good growth strategies.”

Read the entire Business Insider article to find out about Detroja’s book and learn more about how he landed a job at Facebook.

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