Sharon Poczter

Sharon Poczter

Assistant Professor

310C Warren Hall

Professor Poczter’s work empirically examines the bank lending channel in emerging markets and the influence of institutional development and public policy on this channel. The aim of her work is to gain a deep understanding of the nature of financial markets in emerging economies, with an eye to the role of the government in promoting growth and the necessity of adapting Western models to emerging environments. In addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals, she has also educated the public in public policy by publishing opinions in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other media outlets, as well as appearing on television and radio to discuss current economic issues.

Awards and Honors

  • Cornell Class of 2001 Career Achievement award (2016) Cornell University
  • Douglas Nigh Award for Interdisciplinary Research in International Business (2015) The Academy of Management
  • International Management Division Award for Interdisciplinary Research (2015) Academy of Management
  • Merrill Presidential Scholar Teaching Award (2015)

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Working Papers

  • Poczter, S., Fabrizio, K., & Zelner, B. (2015). (Mis)fortune Favors the Prepared Firm..