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Research and Extension Staff Directory

Extension Associates

Name Phone E-Mail
Gregory Bouchard 315-781-7100 gjb37
Sandra Cuellar 254-4960 src6
Kristen Park 255-7215 ksp3
Roberta Severson 255-1987 rmh27

Research and Postdoctoral Associates

Name Phone E-Mail
Brian Dillon   bmd28
Andrew Hanks 255-7822 ah748
Kevin Kniffin   kmk276
Edward Mabaya 255-7531 em37
Mitsuru Shimizu   ms925
Aner Tal 254-6302 at425

Visiting Scholars

Name Phone E-Mail
Yi An   ya224
Simone Dohle   sd644
Yajuan Lu   yl536
Fitry Pakiding   fp234
Fuxia Yang   fy64
Chunhui Ye   cy348