Andrew Novakovic

Andrew Novakovic


451a Warren Hall
(607) 821-2613

My interests and expertise are in understanding the economics of agricultural and food product markets, with a particular focus on dairy foods. This includes the economics of market coordination and pricing, the operation of food processing and marketing firms, and the economic regulation of marketing and pricing activities.

Research Focus

My applied research program is closely integrated with my extension program. Both are actively coordinated with colleagues at the University of Wisconsin, Penn State, and on extension with Univ. of MO, Univ. of MN, Ohio State, and Texas A The program encompasses a broad array of subjects, emphasizing the economics of marketing activities, market coordination, market pricing, and federal and state pricing programs. I also am involved in research projects with colleagues at USDA, in particular AMS Dairy Programs

Outreach and Extension Focus

My program works at a national level, selecting projects and topics that typically are of interest
in the Northeast as well as broad national interest. It aims to assist decision-makers in production agriculture and food processing as well as inform and assist policy-makers at both state and federal levels.

Teaching Focus

My teaching effort is primarily as a service to agricultural students outside of the Dyson School. Presently II teach one course and guest lecture in 1-2 other courses each year. Dairy Markets and Policy Seminar focuses on the US dairy sector with a balance of topics spanning markets for farm milk and dairy products and federal and state policies that regulate milk prices or the marketing of milk.

I teach one week in Farm Business Management on topics of agricultural markets and policy. And, I typically teach a lecture on agricultural policy in Ag Sci 4010 or AEM 4310.

In addition to these lecture-based courses, I also offer undergraduate and/or graduate students an opportunity to do more intensive study in dairy markets and policy via AEM 4970 or AEM 7000.

Awards and Honors

  • Donald C. Burgett Distinguished Advisor Award (2010) Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Distinguished Extension Program (1999) Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Outstanding Extension Program (1987) American Agricultural Economics Association
  • Outstanding Extension Program (1984) American Agricultural Economics Association